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Lessons from the Greatest Generation

Tom Brokaw coined the term “Greatest generation” when he wrote his book about those who grew up during the depression, fought valiantly in WW2 and then rebuilt America, leaving us a great heritage.  They willingly taxed themselves at much higher rates that we do today to provide us, their children and grandchildren, with a good education, a good infrastructure, and taught us to be charitable.  Unfortunately we didn’t learn that lesson.  Not only did they rebuild America after WW2 but exchanged hatred for compassion and rebuilt Germany and Japan through the Marshall Plan.  They learned a lesson from the aftermath of WW1 that leaving them to flounder would be good for no one.  Today with European countries like Greece and Italy (and perhaps more to come) having financial issues that will impact us in a very negative way, conservatives are saying let Europe take care of their own, it’s not our problem, let them go bankrupt.  Conservatives have not learned the lessons from WW1 nor do they have the compassion of the “Greatest Generation”. As long as they promote the idea that we have a spending problem and not a revenue problem, we will not be able to help  ourselves, much less help others.  Unfortunately, we will pay a high price for their selfishness.