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This site is from the National Library of Medicine which is under the National Institutes of Health and, as such, is from the U.S. government.

It is one of the best sites for medical explanations. Besides...... US taxpayers pay for it!


Highly recommend that you keep this for further reference. It just might come in handy.


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Whichever diseases you click on, it gives you a video explanation!!!!


Interactive Sites on Medical Information



The tutorials listed below are interactive health education resources from the Patient Education Institute.

Using animated graphics each tutorial explains a procedure or condition in easy-to-read language. You can also listen to the tutorial. JUST CLICK ON A SPECIFIC AILMENT

These tutorials require a special Flash plug-in, version 6 or above... If you do not have Flash, you will be prompted to obtain a free download of the software before you start the tutorial.


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  • Coumadin - Introduction